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former Queensland wildlife Ranger DamianYour guide on this day will be former Queensland wildlife Ranger Damian. He will take you to the best locations available on the Gold Coast allowing you to enjoy the visual feast that the area displays unlike any other place on the globe. Caves, waterfalls, world heritage areas and more, that are all easy to explore.


1How do you approach a tour?

"Each tour is a unique opportunity, every guest is different and each one has preferences important to them. Our tour reflects those differences. We look at it just the same as spending a day with visiting friends, what do they want to do, what do they want to see?"

We will share with you great stories, spectacular scenery, information about the areas as well as some insights into many of the important duties carried out by Queensland Rangers.

Damian has been living on the Gold Coast for over 20 years and in that time as both a Ranger and as an enthusiastic visitor has been lucky enough to have explored a wide range of natural wonders, many of which are featured on this tour "The hardest thing about creating this tour was deciding what to leave out, so many amazing sites that I want to share with people but at the end of the day they have to go home!"

It was important to Damian that customer service was a big priority when setting up the tour, "I had just returned from an overseas holiday and found the guides that we had were not only really helpful in a functional and informative way but would take every measure to ensure that we were happy, comfortable and doing the things that interested us. So I paid attention to the little things that made us feel good on our trip and brought them home to share with guests of Paradise Tours".

2Favorite part of the tour?

"I could simply say all of them, however a more detail answer would be, it depends on the weather. Big rains show the amazing power of the falls, crystal days illustrate the vastness of the views and a little mist makes the mountains even more magical".

3Why do you limit the size of your tours?

"It reflects what we feel is important for our guests, we can't provide an intimate, flexible and unique experience with a group of 30 people, its just not possible and there are too many compromises. My family had experienced large tours ourselves, whilst we enjoyed the sites we visited, we felt like we were on a conveyor belt. On our last trip we decided to use a guide just for us and it was simply fantastic".

We hope to see you soon!

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