Things to Do In Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain is a scenic wonderland hidden behind the majestic Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. A short 45 minute drive from the Gold Coast, Tamborine Mountain provides a broad array of activities ranging from hang-gliding to shopping to bush walking and beyond.

Mt Tamborine area consists of stunning scenery including a bird’s eye view of the Gold Coast skyline, ocean and forests on one side and the city of Brisbane as well as picturesque farm land and mountains for as far as the eye can see.

Tamborine Mountain (also referred to Mt Tamborine) was explored and then settled during the mid to late 19th century. Later, settlers who were becoming concerned that their way of life was eroding due to more people moving to the region, urged the government of the day to establish Queensland’s first (and Australia’s second) national park, Witches Falls in 1908. As time marched on additional sections of national park were established on the mountain including Joalah, Palm Grove, The Knoll, MacDonald and Cedar Creek. The national park now consists of 14 sections making up almost 1200ha.

Waterfalls in Mt Tamborine area include Cedar Creek falls (a popular swimming location), Cameron Falls, Curtis falls, Witches fallsplus the hidden away Jenyns Falls.
Walks in the area range from wheelchair friendly to challenging ranging in distance from 1km to 6km. Spending the day walking the trails of Mt Tamborine are an absolute delight, vegetation varies from sub-tropical rainforest to riparian (river side) wet and dry sclerophyll (Eucalypt), making for a day of enriched variety that not many places on earth can provide, particularly in such close proximity. In addition to the national park guests to the mountain can also enjoy the beautiful botanic gardens perhaps with a picnic lunch.

A tremendous variety of wildlife can be discovered when visiting Mt Tamborine. Great for bird watching, species include the Noisy Pitta, the Albert’s Lyrebird and the Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo. Other animals to find and enjoy includeBrushtail possums, Red-Legged Pademelons, Cascade Frogs, Richmond Birdwing butterfly, Carpet pythons and of course Koalas!

If bush walking is not your thing then Tamborine Mountain provides many great alternatives, for the food and beverage buff, to the adventurous paraglider, to those wanting to take in some artistic delights or do some shopping.

Gallery Walk features scores of shopping options for those looking for a great souvenir or something tasty to enjoy on the ride home. Swiss Cuckoo clocks (pricing up to $20 000!) to fudge to liquors, glassware, clothing and art, all to tempt your senses and your wallet!
Other things to do include the Tamborine Heritage Centre, Witches Falls Winery, The Distillery, The Glow Worm Cave and Thunderbird Park (a great fun zone for kids including horse riding, ropes courses and mining for precious stones)

At Paradise Tours we feel the best way to enjoy Mt Tamborine is to come with us on a relaxing tour taking in many of the great features of the national park and the mountain region.

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