Lamington National Park

Lamington National Park is a glorious melting pot of valuable flora and fauna spread across more than 20 000ha. Located about 90 minutes drive from the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, this park is one of the major tourist attractions delivering tremendous biological diversity amongst stunning views and literally hundreds of waterfalls (Morans Falls, Elabana Falls and Coomera Falls as examples).

As with many of the parks in the area Lamington was logged and farmed in the 1800’s before campaigning led to the creation of the national park in 1915. The park is accessible from 2 sides, Binna Burra (closer to the Gold Coast) and Green Mountains (often referred to O’Reilly’s, which is a private rainforest retreat). Each area provides access to outstanding bush walking opportunities with some of the most remarkable environments for people to take advantage of.

Diversity is the key to Lamington National Park. Over 240 species of birds (Regent Bower Bird, Rufous Scrubbird and the Paradise Rifle Bird), more than 60 reptiles (Blue Speckled Forest Skink, Southern Leaf Tailed Gecko, Eastern Bearded Dragon), over 70 mammalian species (Ring Tailed Possum, Short Beaked Echidna, Whiptail Wallaby), more than 30 types of frogs (Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog, Fleay’s Barred Frog, Tusked Frog), in excess of 500 varieties of fungus (Pink Coral, Turkey Tail, Dead Man’s Fingers) and over 1200 species of plants (Walking Stick Palm, Antarctic Beech, Brush Box)! Add to this the myriad of insects that thrive throughout the national park. Plus the absolutely beautiful Lamington Spiny Cray.

Walking Lamington National Park is primary activity in the area and with so many options to suit everyone its not surprising. 3km walks to 20kms and beyond provide a showcase of epic scenery, stunning waterfalls and secretive animals. Some of the stand out walks in Lamington include the Coomera Circuit, Box Forest Circuit, Border Track, Daves Creek Circuit, Morans Falls Track, Ship Stern Circuit and the West Canungra Creek Circuit.

If walking is not for you then there are still plenty of activities to keep you occupied when visiting Lamington National Park. These include bird feeding, tree top experience, flying fox ride, Segway tours, wildlife encounters and a birds of prey show.

Paradise Tours can organise a variety of enjoyable day trips to Lamington National Park that take you into the forest to explore the delightful scenery, waterfalls and landscapes as well as absorbing the sounds and smells of this ancient forest.

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