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Mountains Tour Gold Coast

$150,00 PP

Now is the time to reserve an unforgettable experience at Queensland’s Gold Coast.This tour covers Natural Bridge, Mt. Tamborine, The Knoll, Sandy Creek Circuit,Cameron 
Falls, a visit to Rainforest etc.

  1. Our personally guided tour will take you to some of the most amazing natural wilderness areas in the world while keeping you safe, comfortable, happy and mesmerised.

  2. We will make our way to the Springbrook Plateau to treat ourselves to Purling Brook falls. Take it easy as we explore the lookout areas and gentle walks around the top of the falls or select a tour option that lets us guide you to the bottom of the falls and across the suspension bridge. As always with Paradise Tours, the choice is yours.


  3. (Please note minimum tour age is 4yrs)
    Leaving the falls we make a short drive to the aptly named Best of All Lookouts. Walk amongst trees so old that they now only grow in very selected regions that have been isolated by a climatic change thousands of years ago. Step out of the forest to the lookout platform and see views that are simply breath-taking. This is on top of seeing one of the largest volcanic areas in the world at almost 80kms across.

  4. We should remind you this tour is completely flexible to fit in with your wants and desires. Longer or shorter walks, bird watching, relaxing, gift shopping or other activities are yours for the taking. Simply let us know and we will organise it for you.

  5. Now we move off the plateau to Natural Bridge, where constantly running mountain waters have created this unique landscape for us and the rare glow worms to enjoy. This is one of the most requested areas to visit in all of Queensland.
    Have we mentioned our tours are available 7 days a week meaning less crowds Monday to Friday.
    After a short walk around Natural Bridge we make our way from Springbrook National Park to Mt Tamborine. This mountain community of some 16 000 residents provides an abundance of gift shopping, eateries and national parks areas. After taking in the sights from where the brave hang-gliders take their leap of faith, we head over to The Knoll.

  6. After a short walk to The Knoll lookout you will see more of Queensland’s epic scenery including Brisbane city which is over 60kms away! Moving on from the lookout we head down to walk the Sandy Creek circuit. Meander through stunning rainforest to Cameron Falls enjoying terrific sights and sounds.
    After completing our Sandy Creek exploration we head across to Curtis Falls for our final walk of the day. The falls provide a beautiful backdrop for photos as well as habitat for the secretive Platypus (one of the most unique animals on earth).

  7. We then head to the east side of the mountain to take in the glorious view of the Gold Coast before making the journey home.
    In case you are thinking all this activity is going to leave me a little hungry, relax Paradise Tours provides morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
    On top of this we will also take photos and send them back for you to enjoy when you get home. All this is just part of the experience that lets Paradise Tours start Making Memories.

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We should remind you these tours are completely flexible to fit in with your wants and desires. Longer or shorter walks, bird watching, relaxing, gift shopping or other activities are yours for the taking. Simply let us know and we will organise it for you.

Extra Information

1. We keep our tour numbers intimate (min of 1 max of 6) so we can provide flexibility in the tour itself and also allowing us to share some of the stories about our locations that provide more than just a great photo opportunity.

2. We pick you up and drop you off at your Gold Coast accommodation (special arrangements can be made for accommodation outside the Gold Coast area).

3. Once your reservation is finalised we will contact you to discuss your special preferences making the tour unique to you.

4. Opportunities include relaxing, short walks, intermediate walks, a long lunch or souvenir shopping. Or let us take the lead, you decide.

Now I think we have mentioned this a few times on the site but we really want to get this point across so here it it again!

While we do offer a set program for our tours we also provide flexibility in our itinerary. This means more or less time can be enjoyed at a particular location or for those who would prefer more or less walking around the beautiful national park areas that we visit.

Its up to you!

If you want to know more and it’s not on the website, email us We are here to help with any query you may have.

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