The magic of The
Gold Coast Mountains

  • Enjoy waterfalls, lush rainforest, flora and fauna
  • Morning Tea and Lunch FREE
  • Be Guided by a former Queensland Wildlife Ranger
  • Avoid the buses and the crowds
  • Min. 2 people | Max. 6 people
  • Hotel pick up and drop off

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If you are in Australia, you cannot afford to miss the unforgettable experience of Queensland's Gold Coast. At Paradise Tours, we organise great tours that will help you witness the mesmerising beauty of nature and enjoy thrilling adventure while keeping you comfortable, happy and safe.

As we work with a Guest Orientated ideology, we offer hotel pick up and drop off, as well as providing food throughout the day, along with all your other tour requirements so that you can visit Gold Coast in a hassle-free manner.

Paradise Tours also provides in-depth knowledge with an expert guide, who is a former Queensland Wildlife Ranger.

It is time to avoid buses and crowds and visit the fantastic Gold Coast, which is full of lush rainforest, stunning waterfalls, flora and fauna.

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